Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Manamah (Bahrain)

Being the largest city of Bahrain, Manamah prides itself by being called a strong trading hub in the region. Although it was founded alongside its twin city Muharraq in the 1800s, Manamah came to be the gateway to the Bahrain Island while Muharraq claimed its title as the country’s capital till 1920s due to its defensive location. Later on, Manamah became the mercantile capital of Bahrain and has ever since held that position with much dignity and prominence due to its ever expanding culture based on technological and economic advancements.

While Manamah is the country’s main hub, it’s economic value hence allows it many privileges especially in the expenditures associated with expansion of the transportation network. Since oil prices are well below the mark in Bahrain compared to the rest of the world, it is much cheaper to keep a personal vehicle and maintain it as well. This factor has thus led to an ever growing increase in the traffic which has then led the state to further develop its road networks. Being the capital of a rapidly growing nation which house many government and important private establishments, Manamah has been seeing an expansion and substantial development in its road networks for quite some time now.

Even though fuel prices are much lower in Bahrain, it may come as a surprise that taking the bus is still seen as much more economical than owning a private car or any sort of vehicle. Manamah bus fares are economical and the bus routes are quite diverse to the point of even linking different neighboring cities to Manamah. The service is comfortable and the routes maintain a strict time policy hence taking the bus will never make you run late for your meeting.

Locals also enjoy the luxuries of having a strategically constructed airport in Muharraq which easily connects to the Saudi markets as well as Iran hence the airport is always bustling and the locals can easily catch flights around the continent. For roaming the city book for Manamah airport taxi here.
Manamah, happens to be one of those cities which is always in a state of constantly developing and expanding itself. Having high standards of living, it is able to maintain a diverse population and is a common ground for foreign investment.

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